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Ákos Bardóczi detailed resumé

Hacktivity, Security Theater, Oct 2013
Hacktivity, Security Theater, Oct 2013.

How can I download the concise CV in PDF format?

My recommendation: click HERE to download the recent, digitally signed, timestamped version.

Public and notable professional experience

  • 2021 May – 2022 Apr (full-time) – IBM DSS (Hungary) – Cyber Threat Defense Analyst – I worked as a SOC analyst , , and after working hours, I frequently used the most valuable elearning materials to learn more about IBM and non-IBM security fundamentals and solutions and how possible to link these with each other. 2022. May – I continued learning, deep dived into Cyber Threat Intelligence and Threat Hunting from the most valuable sources, online and print.
  • 2018 May – 2019 Jan (contactor) – NetAcademia LLC (Hungary) – content creator, professional writer (Netacademia Elemzés) , senior lecturer (opensource intelligence, advanced search techniques, email services maintaining, IT security hardening fundamentals)
  • 2016 May - 2018 Apr (contractor) – ISACA Budapest Chapter – professional writer (especially enterprise level IT governance practices), writing articles and summaries to Information Systems Audit and Control Association, these topics needed a deep understanding of privacy and cybersecurity standards, such as ISO27K, etc.
  • 2008 Sep – 2013 May (part-time) University of DebrecenIntranet and CMS developer (LAMP). Complete refactoring of the Department of Human Genetics intranet and site, migration from a former system without data loss. TYPO3 CMS hardening. (Debian, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • 2010 Sep – 2011 Sep (two European financial institutions, remote) - CMS and solution integrator. My primary role was to connect/integrate the TYPO3 to legacy systems and administrative sub-projects.

Educational background

  • 2005-(2010) – University of Debrecen, Faculty of Science and Technology, molecular biologist, summa sine diploma.
  • 2021 - Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Law, Juris Doctor - I've customized learning schedule!

Knowledge area, related skills - with intermediate/advanced/expert level certs

Supplemental courses


Bardóczi Ákos, Budapest, Sept 2021
  • "Working with Ákos is one of the most enlightening and eye opening experience I have ever had. His broad spectrum of knowledge and work ethics is unique. I would recommend him as a colleague or a contractor to anyone working in IT Sec any day." (DevOps professional)
  • "Ákos worked with my team as an external advisor for about a month and helped us to develop custom techniques suitable for our special needs. He is a highly skilled professional and a great advisor too who has a deep, practical knowledge in various fields of IT security and cybersecurity thanks to his enthusiasm for learning new things day-by-day. His approach to different kinds of problems is often unique compared to others so he can be a valuable member of any business community. He also has the ability to give down to earth advices while his ideas are still fit to the wider theoretical / conceptual framework of the project. I would definitely recommend him. " (PhD candidate)
  • As a new member of our security team YOU play an important role in the team’s life, you show dedication, growth, progress. Thank you for your efforts and excellent mentality in these fields. With you on board the Budapest Security Delivery Center are stronger and more successful.(former IBM manager)
  • "Bevallom, első körben nem könnyű felvenni Ákos gondolatmenetének ritmusát. A-ról beszél, de közben már D-n agyal, időbe telik, mire számomra is kikristályosodnak az ötletei, akkor viszont hatalmasat ütnek. Olyan aspektusokból képes vizsgálni sokszor triviálisnak tűnő dolgokat, melyre kevesen gondolnánk, ezáltal mindig tud valami újat, formabontót javasolni. Szívesen dolgoztam és fogok is vele dolgozni a jövőben, ha az OSINT nagymesterét keresed, ne habozz, ő a te embered!" (online marketing expert)
  • "Gratula: a cikket value proposition szempontból egyedülállónak tartom a magyar piacon: egyrészt szépen kidolgozott alkotás, másrészt merész szakmaisággal támasztja alá a kijelentéseit. Ez multi környezetnen nem szokás, csak a frázisok mennek manapság. Jó volt végigolvasni. Ritkán olvasni ilyen érdekes és tartalmas szakmai írást magyarul. Gratula érte"" (reader, Business Developement Manager)
  • "Ex rendőrként (10+ év nyomozói tapasztalattal) adnék dupla likeot erre" (reader, Six Sigma)

Language proficiency

  • native Hungarian
  • English (C1)

Concise publication list of references, citations

Memberships, volunteering

  • 2010 – ResearchGate Computer Security and IT Forensics workgroup, founder
  • 2014 - IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) - associate member
  • 2015 - ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) - professional member
  • 2016 - IEEE Young Professionals - member
  • 2017 - IEEE Consultants Network - member
  • 2019 - PMI (Project Management Institute), PMI Hungarian Chapter
  • 2019 - PMI (Project Management Institute), PMI Switzerland Chapter

Public educational and research activity (this section is under construction)


During my university years and later I gained a higher level of knowledge and experience in the IT, CS, economic sciences, especially management. I would also like to mentor

newcomers and graduates from economics or IT fields. I can help experienced professionals as well in many cases.

§ All clients, contractors and companies must have integrity and follow the standard ethical rules. I take it very seriously!

Public contact details

  • +36 70 505 5200 (HU) / +36 1 999 0444 (HU)
  • +1 202 470-0790 (US)
  • +41 76 701 5200 (CH)
  • +49 151 6466 4588 (DE)
  • +39 366 311-1200 (IT)
  • +32 497 25-75-65 (BE)
  • Fax: +36 1 9997-993

Note: I should previously save your ID to my contacts, some services may filter the messages from senders who have never contacted before, recommended to ping me before. You can send your name/nick and ID anytime with whis link.

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